Monday, May 9, 2016

Making A Name By Remaking You

Your body dropped limp, lost in pleasure, as the man wrapped his strong arms around you. A chorus of astonished gasps rose up from the audience below. You were even more in awe, thrilled to feel your male persona and form being washed away by his magic. You hadn't known what to expect when he called you up as a volunteer, and you don't think you wanted to be a woman, but now that you were one it just felt so...right. This was no trick. There were no curtains, smoke, or mirrors involved. He had legitimately transformed you, both in body and mind, from an average guy into any man's dream girl with only a touch.

After a moment of rest, his firm hands supporting your draped form, the magician gently raised you back up. He was careful to let you get your balance on your newly acquired heels before the both of you turned out toward the crowd in unpracticed unison with gigantic smiles. One of his arms still held snugly onto your thin waist; a minute ago you'd have objected, but you were suddenly finding it quite nice. He seemed quite nice in -a lot- of ways now...

"How about a -huge- round of applause for our volunteer!", the magician prompted the crowd. His eyes scanned you up and down as the audience went wild, both clearly admiring his work. With his stare still shamelessly centered on your now generous cleavage, he reassured his new fans, "Don't worry, I'm not changing this one back. I think we can all agree she's an improvement, right?"

The crowd erupted into a roar of laughter and cheering that far eclipsed any of the night's previous ovations. You felt like a trophy in his grasp, and you knew he viewed you as such. Today would be the day he always looked back on as the start of his success. The day he proved his magic was real. The day he created you, his perfect, beautiful wife. You knew it was going to be a good ride, and he looked like -he'd- be a good one too...