Monday, May 9, 2016

Don't Be An Ass

Lindsay was starting to think it was hopeless. Alone in Milo's bathroom, bracing herself against the sink, she could barely hold back the tears. It was hard to look at herself in the mirror; she felt like a fool.

Milo was supposed to have been the one. Lindsay had never felt so deeply for -any- man before, and she'd thought the emotion was mutual. No matter how many times Milo told her he loved her, he had always seemed genuine and pure. If true love really exists, she'd believed their relationship epitomized it. She was sure -it- wouldn't happen this time...and then it did...

Liars should always get what's coming to them. Lindsay didn't like her emotions being toyed with just so some dick could fuck her. After getting burned by assholes one too many times, she decided to make sure that any man who made love to her was making a commitment, whether they liked it or not. If they lied or manipulated her for her body, they could "enjoy" it permanently...You see, magic can do some wonderful things. Things like absorbing idiot boys who just want to use you for a quick fuck into the fat of your ass.

Milo had raved about how great her zebra panties made her butt look. Lindsay wondered if he was still as big of a fan now that he was enveloped by them. In reality though, Milo didn't think anything. All he could do was jiggle lightly with each sweep of her soft hips.


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    1. Unless...maybe they want to be her ass? I could see her plan backfiring if some of the people I know found out about it. :P