Sunday, May 8, 2016

Keeping Them Occupied - Part 1

"There we are, that should keep them occupied.", the tall, pale man quipped with a devious smile.

"You sick fuck! What the hell did you just do to my friends?", Lucas' voice was a broken screech, his body quaking in terror from what he'd just witnessed.

The man, with a slow and deliberate unnatural calm, turned only his head to face Lucas. He spoke with vicious joy, "It was clear they didn't want me here. They tried to tell you -so many- lies about me, my dear Luke. Just look at how happy they are now! Friends turned into lovers! You've just witnessed the start of a beautiful new marriage! How could -anyone- call me a devil?"

Their conversation meant nothing to you as you lay on the bed next to your husband. The other two men may as well have not even been there, all you cared about was the handsome one on top of you. It was as though you hadn't seen him for years, and you wanted nothing more than to feel his toned body pressed up against your own soft curves. The feeling of his hand sliding over your waist made your feminine body quiver with excitement and you could feel a wetness growing within your panties.

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