Sunday, May 8, 2016

Keeping Them Occupied - Part 3

Without another word, the pale man disappeared back into the shadows, finally leaving the two of you truly alone to your coitus.

Soon, your new husband's cock pulsed orgasmically inside of you. Your groin radiated with the heat of his cum filling up your insides, causing you to erupt into the satisfied spasms of your own climax. 'Mmmmm...Oh, this is even better than our honeymoon!', you thought, with no idea that they were memories of events that had never actually happened. This was your first time making love together. Your first time ever being fucked as a woman. Your first time having a man spray his seed within you.

But all extraneous thought was chased from your mind as the man flipped your petite body around and pressed his rehardened cock into your smooth thighs, teasing you with its thick desire. He was ready to go again, ready to fuck his beautiful wife for a second time tonight...and you were ready to be fucked again. With one hand gently squeezing your ass, he slid back inside of you.

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