Sunday, May 8, 2016

Keeping Them Occupied - Part 2

"No, I see now that I should have listened to their warnings. I don't want to be a Warlock anymore! Change them back into the guys they used to be! Please! I don't want to watch my friends fuck each other!", Lucas begged, finally heeding the advice you two had tried to give him before the pale man transformed you.

But it was too late. The devilish man's dark pleasure at his work had disappeared, "Such a pity.", he sighed, "I don't want you anymore, Lucas; you clearly don't have what it takes anyway. And they aren't your friends anymore, but I think I -can- grant that last part of your request..."

Lucas' had only enough time for his eyes to go wide with fear before he magically disappeared in a burst of smoke. Still oblivious to anything beyond you lover, you purred a sexy moan as you felt your butt tingle slightly. Not that you knew or cared, but Lucas' existence had been reduced to being nothing more than part of your delightfully tight ass. His new bulbous form jiggled and bounced wildly against your lover's groin as he began pounding into your pussy doggy style. The pale man hadn't lied about making it so he didn't have to watch; Lucas couldn't see what was going on, but he could -feel- all of it.

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