Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Giving Herself To You

"Ooooh...uhnn...uhhhnnn...Oh yes! Oh god, yes!", wild, lusty moans sang through the paper thing bedroom wall, the steady beating of the headboard keeping rhythm against it. You could tell your roommate Lyle's newest sexual conquest was enjoying herself. You'd only seen her briefly as he'd ushered her into his room, but it was enough to mesmerize you. Gorgeous was an understatement. You could hear Lyle grunting as he pounded her harder and harder, but did your best to ignore it. One hand wrapped around your dick, you tried to focus on the girl, imagining her lithe, sexy body squeezed up against your own instead.

Their erotic melody grew faster and faster still until you heard her purr the final climactic lyric; it was enough to push you over the edge as well. Lyle was panting hard, his raspy breaths sounding very pleased. The woman giggled and told him he'd been amazing, a sentiment he was quick to return, "Damn, you're hot! I've never been with...Wait...OH, WHAT THE FUCK?!", his sudden panic caught you off guard just as you finished cleaning up.

'Holy shit! Is he ok?', you wondered, rushing to put your ear against the wall for a better listen. You could still hear the girl, giggling softly. Not much of a surprise...until you heard a second, identical girlish giggle sync up with the first. Had he really had a threesome? When did the other girl get here? You'd been here all night, there's no way she could have sneaked in. And where was Lyle? He was way to quiet for being in a room with two chicks. You decided that this demanded investigation.

Bursting into the room without invitation, you were greeted by a sight that made zero sense. Lyle was gone, nowhere to be seen, but there on his bed was the woman. Well, two copies of the woman, each wearing a differently colored set of otherwise matching bra and panties. Both looked at you hungrily.

"Ah, there you are! We've been waiting for you, haven't we Lyle?", the one wearing black and white said cheerfully as she rubbed up and down her twin's delicate arms. Was she...calling the other woman Lyle?

"Oh yes. Won't you come play with us? Please, I want you to fuck me like I just fucked her.", the second girl cooed sensually, her eyes begging you to take her. Nothing about the situation made sense, but you found her impossible to resist. Nearly hypnotized, you took one uncontrollable step forward, and then another. Soon you were holding her tightly against you, one hand slipping down into the back of her pink and blue panties to enjoy the supple flesh of her full, round rear. With the girl deep in your arms, a handful of her ass cupped in your hand, you failed to notice an empty light green and blue underwear set neatly sitting atop Lyle's dresser...