Sunday, May 8, 2016

Caught On Camera - Part 2

You had been furious when Michael suddenly grabbed one of the woman's breasts and gave it a firm squeeze. And expertly placed slap expressed your extreme dissatisfaction with his perversion. You'd only just become this woman and you didn't like him feeling you up. You knew he wanted -more- too, but he was sadly mistaken if he thought you were just gonna hop right into bed with him after he turned you into a chick. It was all too much. Inside, you'd still felt like a guy.

That was before, though. Before he'd promised you immortality and wealth beyond imagination. Before he'd showered you with compliments and shown you how beautiful you could feel inside of this woman's body. Before he'd found a handsome new body for himself...The camera made anything possible. Not even age was a limitation when you could just become someone else when this woman started to wrinkle and deteriorate. All it required of you was an agreement to be his girl, always and forever. A perfect life for eternity? You decided you'd love to be the beauty who gets to live it.

"You've made me feel like a real woman...Now I want to make you feel like my man.", you whispered into his ear, tossing the blanket you'd used to hide the rest of your lingerie behind the couch as you climbed onto his lap. You gasped and pulled back for a moment as you felt his manhood brush against your pussy through his pants. It nervous to have a man beneath you, to know you'd soon be getting pounded by your first cock.

An urge to feel it again radiated through your legs. Giggling shyly with your cheeks lit up like roses, you pressed yourself back down into him. With confidence now, you rocked the woman's hips back and forth, the wet lips of your pussy sliding up and down his concealed shaft. He felt delightful. You wondered if it was like this for every woman; the two of you would have to find another girl to try out soon...

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