Sunday, May 8, 2016

Caught On Camera - Part 1

"Listen...I know I was upset at first. I mean, you didn't really ask me if I wanted to be a girl...-your- girl.'ve treated me so well...", you explained with a tender touch as your pink blouse slipped down over your right shoulder, exposing your lingerie clad breasts to Michael. The pearls he'd made for you earlier called further attention to your advances, dancing brilliantly in your cleavage. You knew it would surprise him to see you wearing something so sexy.

His raised brow and sly smirk betrayed that you'd definitely caught his attention. How could you not with this figure? But he was doing his best to play coy, still fiddling with the camera he'd used to transform both of you.

This body you now had pressed up against his used to belong to some poor, random woman at the mall until the camera's flash hit her. She'd disappeared in the blinding blast of light, pulled into the camera and trapped within a picture on it's memory. The fact it had worked on a person presented an interesting opportunity to Michael. He'd previously used the camera's "Paste" function to turn objects like books into piles of cash, and he was curious how it would work with people. Without warning, he turned the camera on you and hit the button.

"No!", you'd tried to plead as the flash obscured your vision. It was the woman's voice that escaped your lips. You'd felt your body shift in an instant, thinning down in some areas and blooming outwards in others. Her perky tits, now hanging from your chest were the first thing to greet you as you examined her body from within it. The tightness of her pants against her groin was perhaps the biggest change for you; there was no way you had anything remaining down there but her pussy.

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