Sunday, May 8, 2016

Becoming Her Path To Freedom

Darren placed his hands on the curvy hips of the woman as she flaunted herself before him, "Wow...Is he really in there with you?", the man asked with wonder.

"Oh yes, very much so, Master. I can feel Elliot within my body, longing to escape.", the beautiful woman stated with an awkward, matter-of-fact directness, "It's useless though. Fight as he might, nothing less than another genie's magic could ever reverse this."

Elliot was now little more than a passenger in the woman's luscious body, able to see and feel everything she did, but with zero control. Such is the true cost of freeing a genie from their lamp: the process requires a host body to bind them to the natural world. Elliot had been shocked when Darren didn't even hesitate to direct her to use his friend to escape her prison.

Darren's final wish had more than come true. He'd watched with perverted marvel as the genie slid ghostlike into Elliot's body and set to work reshaping him into her own very fuckable form with her supreme magic. His dark, brown flesh faded into a milky white as her delicate facial features and womanly assets usurped his entire existence. As the transformation finished, she'd stripped out of Elliots now baggy clothing to reveal an elegant bikini which had formed beneath it.

"Thank you for this gift, Master! I might not have my powers any longer, but I can still grant your next wish...", she teased, lowering her hand to her hips and removing her bikini bottom. Darren took the cue, unzipping his pants and presenting his raging erection for the woman to lower herself onto. It wasn't the first time Darren had screwed Elliot over for a piece of ass, but he never imagined he'd get to experience what it was like to be screwed by his "friend" -as- that piece of ass!

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