Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Booby Trap

Unexpected results of a dare gone wrong? Or maybe a trap meant to turn their cocky friend into a babe? It's up to you to decide. ;D

Friday, May 13, 2016

Sharing Their Relationship

Poor Ron. All he'd wanted to do was help his friends - if only he'd read the instructions more carefully. Can you find him in this picture? The real Ron that is. Don't worry if you can't, it's not likely you'd guess he's the cutie in the pink panties straddling one of the Rons on the couch.

Our product, Wish In A Bottle, worked perfectly, Ron just didn't understand the importance of specificity when making magical requests.Trying to help his girlfriendless buddies out, Ron called all of them over and then used the bottle. His well-intentioned wish was that they'd each find a relationship as loving and passionate as the one he had with his own girlfriend, Allison.

As you can see, they did. Half the group were instantly transformed into exact copies of Ron while the others became quadruplet Allisons. Ironically, the real Ron found himself on the feminine side of the spell, his body slimming down and his mind being rewritten to mirror his girlfriend's as well.

The real Allison was of course shocked and confused when she returned home to find four versions of herself being fucked by a handful of Rons. Fortunately, she found our support line's number on the receipt for the Wish In A Bottle and contacted us immediately. Customer satisfaction being our number one priority, we dispatched a representative to smooth over the situation.

The attached picture was taken as soon as he arrived on-site. According to Allison, this was just after they'd taken a break from their previous orgy; they seemed very eager to use their new bodies. Excellently trained, as all our personnel are, our rep easily solved the reality-complicating conundrum using a simple merging spell. The bodies of each of the Rons were fused together into one, and the same was done with all of the Allisons into the real Allison's body. A perfect solution that both protected the integrity of the wish and helped our customers deal with the unexpected realities of magical ignorance.

We're glad to report that the happy couple is still together to this day! Though the original Ron was completely subsumed into Allison, the new Ron has been picking up the slack. The two recently announced their engagement, and rumors are circulating that Allison has started developing a bit of a belly bump...

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Giving Herself To You

"Ooooh...uhnn...uhhhnnn...Oh yes! Oh god, yes!", wild, lusty moans sang through the paper thing bedroom wall, the steady beating of the headboard keeping rhythm against it. You could tell your roommate Lyle's newest sexual conquest was enjoying herself. You'd only seen her briefly as he'd ushered her into his room, but it was enough to mesmerize you. Gorgeous was an understatement. You could hear Lyle grunting as he pounded her harder and harder, but did your best to ignore it. One hand wrapped around your dick, you tried to focus on the girl, imagining her lithe, sexy body squeezed up against your own instead.

Their erotic melody grew faster and faster still until you heard her purr the final climactic lyric; it was enough to push you over the edge as well. Lyle was panting hard, his raspy breaths sounding very pleased. The woman giggled and told him he'd been amazing, a sentiment he was quick to return, "Damn, you're hot! I've never been with...Wait...OH, WHAT THE FUCK?!", his sudden panic caught you off guard just as you finished cleaning up.

'Holy shit! Is he ok?', you wondered, rushing to put your ear against the wall for a better listen. You could still hear the girl, giggling softly. Not much of a surprise...until you heard a second, identical girlish giggle sync up with the first. Had he really had a threesome? When did the other girl get here? You'd been here all night, there's no way she could have sneaked in. And where was Lyle? He was way to quiet for being in a room with two chicks. You decided that this demanded investigation.

Bursting into the room without invitation, you were greeted by a sight that made zero sense. Lyle was gone, nowhere to be seen, but there on his bed was the woman. Well, two copies of the woman, each wearing a differently colored set of otherwise matching bra and panties. Both looked at you hungrily.

"Ah, there you are! We've been waiting for you, haven't we Lyle?", the one wearing black and white said cheerfully as she rubbed up and down her twin's delicate arms. Was she...calling the other woman Lyle?

"Oh yes. Won't you come play with us? Please, I want you to fuck me like I just fucked her.", the second girl cooed sensually, her eyes begging you to take her. Nothing about the situation made sense, but you found her impossible to resist. Nearly hypnotized, you took one uncontrollable step forward, and then another. Soon you were holding her tightly against you, one hand slipping down into the back of her pink and blue panties to enjoy the supple flesh of her full, round rear. With the girl deep in your arms, a handful of her ass cupped in your hand, you failed to notice an empty light green and blue underwear set neatly sitting atop Lyle's dresser...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Weird (Sexy) Science

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Poor guy ends up as a bag of Doritos in the real commercial. Being stuck as sexy bitch is a lot better than ending up as a snack for your friends. My edit remedies the mistake the original producers made. =)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Universal Remote

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Changing the very fabric of the universe itself was an ambitious goal for the developers of this new remote...Perhaps they should have done a better job of explaining to consumers that this one isn't meant for TVs?

Though, if you ask me, she looks like a satisfied customer. ;)

Don't Be An Ass

Lindsay was starting to think it was hopeless. Alone in Milo's bathroom, bracing herself against the sink, she could barely hold back the tears. It was hard to look at herself in the mirror; she felt like a fool.

Milo was supposed to have been the one. Lindsay had never felt so deeply for -any- man before, and she'd thought the emotion was mutual. No matter how many times Milo told her he loved her, he had always seemed genuine and pure. If true love really exists, she'd believed their relationship epitomized it. She was sure -it- wouldn't happen this time...and then it did...

Liars should always get what's coming to them. Lindsay didn't like her emotions being toyed with just so some dick could fuck her. After getting burned by assholes one too many times, she decided to make sure that any man who made love to her was making a commitment, whether they liked it or not. If they lied or manipulated her for her body, they could "enjoy" it permanently...You see, magic can do some wonderful things. Things like absorbing idiot boys who just want to use you for a quick fuck into the fat of your ass.

Milo had raved about how great her zebra panties made her butt look. Lindsay wondered if he was still as big of a fan now that he was enveloped by them. In reality though, Milo didn't think anything. All he could do was jiggle lightly with each sweep of her soft hips.

Making A Name By Remaking You

Your body dropped limp, lost in pleasure, as the man wrapped his strong arms around you. A chorus of astonished gasps rose up from the audience below. You were even more in awe, thrilled to feel your male persona and form being washed away by his magic. You hadn't known what to expect when he called you up as a volunteer, and you don't think you wanted to be a woman, but now that you were one it just felt so...right. This was no trick. There were no curtains, smoke, or mirrors involved. He had legitimately transformed you, both in body and mind, from an average guy into any man's dream girl with only a touch.

After a moment of rest, his firm hands supporting your draped form, the magician gently raised you back up. He was careful to let you get your balance on your newly acquired heels before the both of you turned out toward the crowd in unpracticed unison with gigantic smiles. One of his arms still held snugly onto your thin waist; a minute ago you'd have objected, but you were suddenly finding it quite nice. He seemed quite nice in -a lot- of ways now...

"How about a -huge- round of applause for our volunteer!", the magician prompted the crowd. His eyes scanned you up and down as the audience went wild, both clearly admiring his work. With his stare still shamelessly centered on your now generous cleavage, he reassured his new fans, "Don't worry, I'm not changing this one back. I think we can all agree she's an improvement, right?"

The crowd erupted into a roar of laughter and cheering that far eclipsed any of the night's previous ovations. You felt like a trophy in his grasp, and you knew he viewed you as such. Today would be the day he always looked back on as the start of his success. The day he proved his magic was real. The day he created you, his perfect, beautiful wife. You knew it was going to be a good ride, and he looked like -he'd- be a good one too...

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Becoming Her Path To Freedom

Darren placed his hands on the curvy hips of the woman as she flaunted herself before him, "Wow...Is he really in there with you?", the man asked with wonder.

"Oh yes, very much so, Master. I can feel Elliot within my body, longing to escape.", the beautiful woman stated with an awkward, matter-of-fact directness, "It's useless though. Fight as he might, nothing less than another genie's magic could ever reverse this."

Elliot was now little more than a passenger in the woman's luscious body, able to see and feel everything she did, but with zero control. Such is the true cost of freeing a genie from their lamp: the process requires a host body to bind them to the natural world. Elliot had been shocked when Darren didn't even hesitate to direct her to use his friend to escape her prison.

Darren's final wish had more than come true. He'd watched with perverted marvel as the genie slid ghostlike into Elliot's body and set to work reshaping him into her own very fuckable form with her supreme magic. His dark, brown flesh faded into a milky white as her delicate facial features and womanly assets usurped his entire existence. As the transformation finished, she'd stripped out of Elliots now baggy clothing to reveal an elegant bikini which had formed beneath it.

"Thank you for this gift, Master! I might not have my powers any longer, but I can still grant your next wish...", she teased, lowering her hand to her hips and removing her bikini bottom. Darren took the cue, unzipping his pants and presenting his raging erection for the woman to lower herself onto. It wasn't the first time Darren had screwed Elliot over for a piece of ass, but he never imagined he'd get to experience what it was like to be screwed by his "friend" -as- that piece of ass!

Caught On Camera - Part 2

You had been furious when Michael suddenly grabbed one of the woman's breasts and gave it a firm squeeze. And expertly placed slap expressed your extreme dissatisfaction with his perversion. You'd only just become this woman and you didn't like him feeling you up. You knew he wanted -more- too, but he was sadly mistaken if he thought you were just gonna hop right into bed with him after he turned you into a chick. It was all too much. Inside, you'd still felt like a guy.

That was before, though. Before he'd promised you immortality and wealth beyond imagination. Before he'd showered you with compliments and shown you how beautiful you could feel inside of this woman's body. Before he'd found a handsome new body for himself...The camera made anything possible. Not even age was a limitation when you could just become someone else when this woman started to wrinkle and deteriorate. All it required of you was an agreement to be his girl, always and forever. A perfect life for eternity? You decided you'd love to be the beauty who gets to live it.

"You've made me feel like a real woman...Now I want to make you feel like my man.", you whispered into his ear, tossing the blanket you'd used to hide the rest of your lingerie behind the couch as you climbed onto his lap. You gasped and pulled back for a moment as you felt his manhood brush against your pussy through his pants. It nervous to have a man beneath you, to know you'd soon be getting pounded by your first cock.

An urge to feel it again radiated through your legs. Giggling shyly with your cheeks lit up like roses, you pressed yourself back down into him. With confidence now, you rocked the woman's hips back and forth, the wet lips of your pussy sliding up and down his concealed shaft. He felt delightful. You wondered if it was like this for every woman; the two of you would have to find another girl to try out soon...

Caught On Camera - Part 1

"Listen...I know I was upset at first. I mean, you didn't really ask me if I wanted to be a girl...-your- girl. But...you've treated me so well...", you explained with a tender touch as your pink blouse slipped down over your right shoulder, exposing your lingerie clad breasts to Michael. The pearls he'd made for you earlier called further attention to your advances, dancing brilliantly in your cleavage. You knew it would surprise him to see you wearing something so sexy.

His raised brow and sly smirk betrayed that you'd definitely caught his attention. How could you not with this figure? But he was doing his best to play coy, still fiddling with the camera he'd used to transform both of you.

This body you now had pressed up against his used to belong to some poor, random woman at the mall until the camera's flash hit her. She'd disappeared in the blinding blast of light, pulled into the camera and trapped within a picture on it's memory. The fact it had worked on a person presented an interesting opportunity to Michael. He'd previously used the camera's "Paste" function to turn objects like books into piles of cash, and he was curious how it would work with people. Without warning, he turned the camera on you and hit the button.

"No!", you'd tried to plead as the flash obscured your vision. It was the woman's voice that escaped your lips. You'd felt your body shift in an instant, thinning down in some areas and blooming outwards in others. Her perky tits, now hanging from your chest were the first thing to greet you as you examined her body from within it. The tightness of her pants against her groin was perhaps the biggest change for you; there was no way you had anything remaining down there but her pussy.

Keeping Them Occupied - Part 3

Without another word, the pale man disappeared back into the shadows, finally leaving the two of you truly alone to your coitus.

Soon, your new husband's cock pulsed orgasmically inside of you. Your groin radiated with the heat of his cum filling up your insides, causing you to erupt into the satisfied spasms of your own climax. 'Mmmmm...Oh, this is even better than our honeymoon!', you thought, with no idea that they were memories of events that had never actually happened. This was your first time making love together. Your first time ever being fucked as a woman. Your first time having a man spray his seed within you.

But all extraneous thought was chased from your mind as the man flipped your petite body around and pressed his rehardened cock into your smooth thighs, teasing you with its thick desire. He was ready to go again, ready to fuck his beautiful wife for a second time tonight...and you were ready to be fucked again. With one hand gently squeezing your ass, he slid back inside of you.

Keeping Them Occupied - Part 2

"No, I see now that I should have listened to their warnings. I don't want to be a Warlock anymore! Change them back into the guys they used to be! Please! I don't want to watch my friends fuck each other!", Lucas begged, finally heeding the advice you two had tried to give him before the pale man transformed you.

But it was too late. The devilish man's dark pleasure at his work had disappeared, "Such a pity.", he sighed, "I don't want you anymore, Lucas; you clearly don't have what it takes anyway. And they aren't your friends anymore, but I think I -can- grant that last part of your request..."

Lucas' had only enough time for his eyes to go wide with fear before he magically disappeared in a burst of smoke. Still oblivious to anything beyond you lover, you purred a sexy moan as you felt your butt tingle slightly. Not that you knew or cared, but Lucas' existence had been reduced to being nothing more than part of your delightfully tight ass. His new bulbous form jiggled and bounced wildly against your lover's groin as he began pounding into your pussy doggy style. The pale man hadn't lied about making it so he didn't have to watch; Lucas couldn't see what was going on, but he could -feel- all of it.

Keeping Them Occupied - Part 1

"There we are, that should keep them occupied.", the tall, pale man quipped with a devious smile.

"You sick fuck! What the hell did you just do to my friends?", Lucas' voice was a broken screech, his body quaking in terror from what he'd just witnessed.

The man, with a slow and deliberate unnatural calm, turned only his head to face Lucas. He spoke with vicious joy, "It was clear they didn't want me here. They tried to tell you -so many- lies about me, my dear Luke. Just look at how happy they are now! Friends turned into lovers! You've just witnessed the start of a beautiful new marriage! How could -anyone- call me a devil?"

Their conversation meant nothing to you as you lay on the bed next to your husband. The other two men may as well have not even been there, all you cared about was the handsome one on top of you. It was as though you hadn't seen him for years, and you wanted nothing more than to feel his toned body pressed up against your own soft curves. The feeling of his hand sliding over your waist made your feminine body quiver with excitement and you could feel a wetness growing within your panties.

Magic Remote Mishap?

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The guys came over to watch sports...but now the girls just want to party...

Express Elevator To A New You

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Where will you be when the reality change hits? Who will you be?

New Doritos Promotion Changes Lives Forever

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I guess he got the lucky bag? And his friend became his prize! We all know he...she's the real winner here. =)

Beneath His Cushions

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No, I don't know why he's a couchman. Seems to be going well for him though...and for his friends!

Together On The Elevator

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This elevator ride really managed to bring this young couple together!

I like to make GIFs from random videos that add a TG twist! This is one of my newest ones! You'll be seeing more along these lines for sure! As I've said elsewhere, please feel free to use any of the GIFs I create to make captions of your own.

And So It All Begins Anew!

Time to get this party started! I hope you'll join me for this wonderful ride! Time to make the world a little more beautiful! ;D